Through Lines Magazine, issue 01, Dec 2022

“To My IUD”

The Common, Issue 23, May 2022


The Common, January 2022 Poetry Feature


The Yale Review, “Poem of the Week,” Dec. 8, 2021
Re-printed in 2022 Best New Poets, University of Virginia Press


DIAGRAM, issue 21.3, 2021


The American Poetry Review, Vol. 50, No. 04,
July/August 2021


jubilat, issue no. 37, 2020  

“On the Death of My First Vibrator”

Oxford Review of Books, 2020


Oxford Review of Books, 2020

“After Watching Westworld, the Left Side
of My Body Malfunctions”

Midst, Pilot Issue, 2019


The Cincinnati Review 16.2, 2019

“Love Hotel”

Cordella Magazine, 2019

“Gold Country”

Cordella Magazine, 2019

“What Do You Think About When You’re Lonely?”

Neck, Vol. 2, 2019
Listen to audio accompaniment to Vol. 2 on Bandcamp


Sixth Finch, Fall 2018


Sixth Finch, Fall 2018


Salt Hill 41, 2018

“To His Sperm Bank”

Salt Hill 41, 2018


Cosmonauts Avenue, 2018

“A Crux of Birds”

Bone Bouquet #8.2, Winter 2018


BOAAT, 2017


Apercus Quarterly, 2014
sparkle + blink #81, 2017

“On Menma”

American Chordata, issue 13,
October 2023

“Tasting Notes”

The Margins, Wine: A Folio, June 2022
Nominated for 2022 Pushcart Prize
Notable Essay in Best American Essays 2023


California’s Craft Sake Movement Has Come Into Its Own

Conde Nast Traveler Digital
December 2023
Part of Home, Made, a collection of stories honoring Asian diasporas creating vibrant communities by weaving their heritages with their American hometowns. Read more here.

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